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Products- High quality floor covering knives / BANDLE Quarter Moon Knives / LInoleum- and Installation Tools / Flooring Tools / Linoleum and PVC Installation Tools

Bandle BA-Diamond Cut Quarter Moon Knife / Cutting / Welding


BANDLE-Floor Covering Knives, Floor Laying Knives, Flooring Tools Germany, Linoleum Tools, Vinyl Flooring Tools, Flooring Knives, Floor Layer Knives, Linoleum Knives, Professional Carpet Knives, Universal Knives, Tools for Flooring and Interior Decoration,Roofing Felt Knives, Leather and Saddler Knives enjoy the highest reputation worldwide due to their prolonged sharpness and their corresponding durability, thanks to the special processing methods and treatments we employ.


All BANDLE-Quarter Moon Knives / Spatula Knives are supplied with razor keen edges thanks to our special "BA-Diamond Cut”. Perfect for a rapid and highly precise trimming of the weld-rod.

For Heat Welding of vinyl flooring we have a lot of hand tools in our sales programme. We have Quarter Moon Knives / Spatula Knives, Grooving Tools for manual grooving, Spare Blades for Grooving Tools, Leather Safety Pouches for Quarter Moon Knives, Weld Seam Slides / Trimming Guide, Triangular Scraper with replaceable carbide blades, Pressure Rollers, Lino Knives/Linoleum Knives and Trimming Knives.

BANDLE offers a wide range of Quarter Moon Knives / Spatula Knives for flooring, lead installation, upholstery and leather workers, window industry for removal of uPVC Window Beads, stained glass window makers, Marine to trimm dry caulk without damaging the deck- ideal for all kinds of cutting and trimming needs.


We also manufacture customized products according to the model and drawing.

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