Bandle Bodenlegerwerkzeuge

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Bandle Messer- und Werkzeugfabrik has been operating since 1930 as a family business in the fourth generation. The founder and name giver comes from a family whose tradition was the laying of floor coverings, especially linoleum.


The production of professional floor covering knives and tools developed from this job description whereby even our enterprise in Tuttlingen “World centre of medical technology – even the city of healing knives” has all the makings for this.  

In cooperation with our clients, we emphasise on reliability and service. Our innovative products are appreciated by professionals all over the world.



Our versatile and wide range of products and services includes:

Knives and tools for laying and cutting floors and welding of linoleum, rubber, vinyl and PVC as well as floor and carpet laying tools:

Linoleum tools, Vinyl flooring tools, flooring tools for PVC, flooring tools for linoleum, flooring tools for vinyl, grooving tools for PVC welding, grooving tools for rubber, PVC, vinyl and linoleum, grooving tools for safety flooring, blades for grooving tools for PVC, weld seam slide / weld spatula guide for hot air welding,quarter moon knives, pressure roller for welding rod, lino/linoleum knives, flooring knives, vinyl knives, professional carpet knives, vinyl floor laying tools, vinyl floor welding accessories, roofing knives, professional window spatula knives/ quarter moon knives as well as knives for leather, rubber, roofing knives and NEW garden knives and budding knives


REGRIND SERVICE: We professionally resharpen all kinds of knives, blades and scissors as an after-sales service.

Utilise our over 80 years of experience!


STUBBI Cove Roller for lateral pressure contact during cove forming: