Bandle Bodenlegerwerkzeuge

Other products:

- Quarter Moon Knives especially for plastic windows

- Spatula Knives for Marine / Boats for trimming dry caulk without damaging the deck of the boat

- Carpet Cutter complete with 10 pcs. spare blades our article no. 2000

- Strip Cutter compelte with 10 pcs. spare blades for carpet wall bases our article no. 2003

- Cutting knives for the fire brigade - for fire fighting supplies

- Technical blades

- Technical razor blades / Industrial razor blades

- Scratcher knife blades and spacers for wood wool / excelsior

- Roofing knives

- Floor and carpet laying tools

- Spreaders

- Notchings 

- Leathercraft Knives, French Patter Knives, Round Knives / Head Knives 

- Scriber

- Vinyl Welding Accessories

- Vinyl Installation Tools / Hot Air Welding Tools 

- Tools for the Heat-Sealing market / Flooring Industriy

Further information on request